29 julio 2008

Drum & Bass - Muzik Classics

Recopilatotio de Varios Artistas de la escena Drun'n'Bass & Jungle
Temas Clasicos para no olvidar ....

V.A - Drum & bass - muzik classics 1
V.A - Drum & bass - muzik classics 2

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Amo ergo sum dijo...

An amazing blog (Love Peuple de L'herb!)! I have added your blog to my extensive list of quality Music blogs and described it in my latest post:


Could you please leave me three/ four tags to describe your blog so that I also can categorise your blog in my list? Just leave them in the Cbox on my blog.

Thanks so much for the great music and opening my ears on this lousy Sunday :)!

Please feel free to link also to my blog. Would be much appreciated :).

Take care and please keep on spreading the good music!

Amo. (ergo sum)